Heat sinksIf you have explored the interior of your CPU then you…

Heat sinks

If you have explored the interior of your CPU then you might have noticed that there are these horizontal metal plates (called fins) many a times with a fan on top of the central or graphic processors.

They are called heat sinks/heat exchangers and are used to dissipate the heat generated by the processor to the surrounding.


The reason why they work is that according to the Fourier’s law, the
heat dissipated is directly proportional to the cross sectional area.


And adding protrusions to the surface increases the net cross section area for exchanging the heat with the surrounding.

Cooking with a computer

In order to demonstrate the extent to which the processor would heat up, let’s remove the heat sink and place a piece of meat on it.


At such high temperatures where cooking a piece of meat becomes possible on a processor, you can be damn sure that the probability of the survival of a computer running without a heat sink is just  0. **

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Stegosaurus and its huge ‘fins’

** for all practical intents and purposes, not merely for testing