Some cool engineering please !!!

F1 engine playing Happy Birthday

When I was researching about F1 sometime ago, I stumbled upon this
amazing video of the lotus team playing happy birthday on a F1 freaking

The way this works is that the sheet music is taken and broken down into frequency and the milliseconds that it lasts for.

And the engine is turned on and off rapidly with different frequency tones to produce the tone i.e

OFF  – f1 Hz – f1 Hz – OFF – f2 Hz – f2 Hz – f2 Hz- OFF …. (entire song)

The dynamic response of the F1 engine to changes in the throttle is what blew my mind. F1 cars are able to pull this off due to the extremely lightweight flywheel/general rotating assembly. 

Imperial march on Floppy drive

Now you can do the same thing with motors as well. The motors can be revved up or down based on the frequency of the input.

Here’s the imperial march played on the floppy drive and Super Mario on the stepper motor:

What you are hearing is the tones made by the motor. 

Notice the slider moving faster for higher frequency

If you are into Arduino and DIY projects you can play around with the ToneMelody package and piezo-buzzer to get a similar response.

Thanks for asking. Have a great day!