This is a Dragster BlowoverTop Fuel Dragster racing is the form…

This is a Dragster Blowover

Top Fuel Dragster racing is the form of racing where a vehicle accelerates up to 4g along a mile strip, reaching speeds upto 570 kilometres per hour (335 mph) and finishing the
305 metre (1,000 ft) runs in (3.5-4.0) seconds.


The way that a simple wheelie works is that:

If the torque applied by the engine placed on rear axle is greater than the torque exerted by the vehicle at the center of mass, the front end of the bike/car will rise.


If you don’t have an engine powerful enough to do a wheelie, having some friends to volunteer as sources of torque works too !


Now a blowover is not primarily caused by the immense torque exerted by the engine.

A blowover is the flipping of a car, due to air sweeping underneath it. This creates an aerodynamic lift which blows the car over.


If a vehicle is traveling at 200mph , the vehicle must only be pitched up a 3 degree angle to initiate the blowover.


                                            Wheelie bar

And then came along wheelie bars which completely stopped this from occurring. The wheelie bar ensures that the car does not flip under high torques and speeds.

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