20 Images From Mars That Will Forever Change H…

20 Images From Mars That Will Forever Change How You See The Red Planet

Down the rims of crater walls, recurring slope lineae are found.

Further analysis showed that these are driven by liquid water, not avalanches.

As the seasons change, water condenses and dissolves martian salts.

These then flow down the crater, as before-and-after images demonstrate.

If you think of Mars as a boring, reddish, desert world with dunes, sands, and craters, you’ve never seen it with the proper eyes. The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, equipped with its HiRISE camera, was launched more than a decade ago, and has covered the entire surface of the red planet, taking more than 50,000 images in enhanced color. It’s revealed countless features, shown us the insides of crater walls, viewed the martian bedrock, found impact craters, discovered evidence for liquid, flowing water, and even helped determine the origin of Mars’ moons. Yet to fully appreciate what we’ve learned, you simply have to see it for yourself.

Come get a view of a selection of 20 images from Mars that just might forever change how you view the red planet!