Five Impossible Facts That Would Have To Be Tr…

Five Impossible Facts That Would Have To Be True If The Earth Were Flat

3.) Different stars are visible from different latitudes. Look up at the night sky from a very high (northern) latitude location, and you’ll see the Big and Little Dippers, the bright orange giant Arcturus, and the Pleiades, among other sights. Yet if you head to the south pole, none of these celestial sights are visible, but you can see Alpha Centauri, the Magellanic Clouds, and the Southern Cross, all of which are never visible to most northern hemisphere skywatchers. If the Earth were flat, everyone on the night side of the Earth would see the same sky; this is another observation that the flat Earth can’t account for.”

There are lots of ways to demonstrate that the Earth is round. You can measure shadow differences at different latitudes and calculate its circumference, as Eratosthenes first did more than 2,000 years ago. You can circumnavigate the globe, measuring the distance you have to travel along your journey. Or you can simply fly “up” to space, and measure the curvature of the Earth directly. Yet even if you couldn’t do any of those, there are five simple observations that anyone can make that wouldn’t be the same if the Earth were flat instead of round. The night sky would look the same from everywhere on Earth, lunar eclipses would only ever occur at midnight, sunsets and sunrises would occur at the same time in New York as they did in Los Angeles, and much, much more.

Come find out what impossible things would have to be real if the Earth was flat, and see if you can’t convince your favorite skeptic!