Ask Ethan: Which Fundamental Science Question …

Ask Ethan: Which Fundamental Science Question Is The Most Important?

If you could have a complete answer to one of these 5 questions what would it be?

1.) Did cosmic inflation happen or was there another process?
2.) Is earth the only place in the cosmos with life?
3.) How [can we] merge general relativity and quantum mechanics?
4.) What is dark energy and dark matter?
5.) How did life begin on Earth?

There are a very large number of unsolved mysteries in the Universe, many of which would revolutionize our understanding of what it all is… and what it all means. If you could know the answer to only one of these questions, but know it immediately and fully, which one would you pick? Would you want to know more about the origin of the Universe, pushing things back before the Big Bang? Would you want to know about life elsewhere in the Universe, far beyond Earth? Would you choose quantum gravity, or how to merge our two great, incompatible theories of how everything works? Would you want to know what dark matter and dark energy truly are? Or would you go for the origin of life on Earth?

There’s no right answer, which is to say there are five great answers, but not every answer is equal. Come take a deep consideration on this week’s Ask Ethan!