20 Gorgeous Hubble Photos That Showcase The Un…

20 Gorgeous Hubble Photos That Showcase The Universe’s Beauty

Galaxy clusters: The most massive bound structures in the Universe, these contain anywhere from a handful up to thousands of Milky Way-sized galaxies. From incredibly deep views in space to bent light by their gravity, to individual galaxies speeding through them, Hubble offers views like no other.”

It might be Christmas day here on Earth, but thanks to the Hubble Space Telescope, these views of the distant Universe are ours to treasure for all-time. The individual stars in our sky all have a glorious origin story, and will all someday die in their own spectacular fashion. These stars are formed in the most incredible nebulae, where gas races to collapse while the surrounding environs work to evaporate it away. All of this takes place inside individual galaxies, which themselves can clump and cluster together in the most massive structures the Universe has ever seen. Because of Hubble, we get to view them all.

Come explore these 20 gorgeous photos, courtesy of Hubble, that show us the Universe as we’ve never seen it before!