Ask Ethan: What Were The Greatest Nobel Prize …

Ask Ethan: What Were The Greatest Nobel Prize Snubs In Science History?

“In this season of award shows where there is talk over who deserved to be nominated and who was snubbed, I wanted to know your pick for scientists who deserved a Nobel or a share of a Nobel but was snubbed by the committee. For my pick I’d nominate Chien Shiung Wu.”

In the world of science, there is no more prestigious award than the Nobel Prize, which has been awarded nearly every year (a couple of years during World War II excepted) since the dawn of the 20th century. Yet many deserving awardees were denied the honor of receiving it, often for extremely petty or ill-justified reasons. My top 10 prize snubs include:

1.) Cecilia Payne
2.) Dmitri Mendeleev
3.) Chien Shiung Wu
4.) Joseph Swan and Thomas Edison
5.) Vera Rubin and Ken Ford
6.) Fred Hoyle
7.) Jocelyn Bell-Burnell
8.) Lise Meitner
9.) Satyendra Bose
10.) Jonas Salk

How do you feel about this list? And who did I miss who you would include? Compare your feelings to what I’ve come up with on this edition of Ask Ethan!