The top quark does not seem to exist long enou…

The top quark does not seem to exist long enough to feel the weak interaction. Because of its enormous mass, the top quark is extremely short-lived with a predicted lifetime of only 5×10−25 s. As a result, top quarks do not have time before they decay to form hadrons as other quarks do. How does the T interact weakly?

As far as i know, the classical Standard Model theory tells you that the top quark interacts only by means of the strong interaction, and is mainly produced via strong interaction (source). The top quark does not interact weakly with other quarks, but it decays through the weak force. All the quarks in the nucleus interact by means of the strong nuclear force, actually. There might however be a higher order contribution given by a weak interaction (higher order = not really physically relevant). Also, the lifetimes of particles are defined in a system at rest with respect to the frame of reference. But in an accelerator, such as the LHC, all the velocities are relativistic, so the lifetimes are dilated (source), and the lifetime of the top quark from the point of view of a stationary observer is longer  than 

10(−25) s. I guess that’s how one could detect higher order weak interactions in top quarks, but only in relativistic situations  (example).

Also i’m sorry for answering after decades from getting this message.