Yes, Science Is For The Religious, Too “Relig…

Yes, Science Is For The Religious, Too

“Religion is for anyone who wants it in their life, and science is as well. They are neither fundamentally incompatible, nor are they mutually exclusive. Knowledge, education, self-improvement, and the bettering of our shared world are endeavors that are open to everyone. We don’t have to (and likely won’t) always agree with one another, but we can always work to understand a perspective that differs from our own. Perhaps, someday in the near future, that will be the story that makes headlines, rather than attempts to sow discord between two of the most influential forces for good in our world.”

It’s common to have litmus tests to determine whether someone is worth listening to, learning from, or allowing into a “group” we belong to. They’re often based on someone’s beliefs, values, ideologies, or worldviews. We accept the people we deem are like us, and reject those who are different, and, hence, 59% of Americans believe that science and religion are often in conflict. But, at the same time, more than 2 out of 3 American’s don’t see any conflict between science and their own religious beliefs. Religious people do tremendous good in the world: they are more likely to volunteer, attend local government and community meetings, and to participate politically, with over 85% identifying as pro-science in a great number of important ways.

The wonders and joys of science are open and available to everyone, regardless of religious beliefs. It’s a story we don’t tell often enough, but it’s true, and the evidence backs it up.