fuckyeahphysica: A change in perspective I was reviewing…


A change in perspective

I was reviewing Eclipse photos from across the globe and they for some reason did not look the same. Turns out this was the reason!

And this applies to constellations* as well. The constellations when viewed from the southern hemisphere would be flipped in orientation.

Absolutely Mind Blown!

Image Source: guanolad on reddit

* not all constellations


Here’s the moon on Jan 31,2018  viewed from two different locations: One taken by one of my friends in India and other is from Northern California.


                                  38.5449° N, 121.7405° W  (California)


                                    12.9716° N, 77.5946° E  (India)

The best way to wrap your head around this idea is to play with it on Stellarium (open source).



Have fun!