SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy Launch Brings Humanity…

SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy Launch Brings Humanity One Giant Leap Closer To Mars

“There are still a slew of obstacles to overcome when it comes to taking on the challenge of Mars. But the journey to another planet was always set to begin with a single launch. There were many naysayers out there to a commercial hand in the spaceflight industry, but NASA staked their hopes of future long-distance space missions on the idea of public-private partnerships. The successful launch, deployment, and recovery of the Falcon Heavy is the proof-of-concept that settles the issue. For a cost that looks to be lower than it’s ever been, Mars is within reach.”

Have you ever dreamed of sending humans to Mars? The biggest objection has always been that the cost is prohibitive, that the development and launch of a heavy launch vehicle, as well as the cost-per-launch, would simply make this a no-go. The Saturn V’s cost of over a billion dollars (in today’s dollars) per launch is often cited as the best evidence against Mars, and NASA’s SLS isn’t much better. But the hope was always that public/private partnerships would dramatically change the story. That hope is now a reality, as the success of SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy means that enormous payloads can be sent to low-Earth orbit, geosynchronous orbit, or even beyond the gravitational pull of Earth entirely for only a tiny fraction of that price: $90 million per launch. Best of all, the boosters are recoverable, with a successful recovery happening on the very first attempt!

The game has now changed for getting to Mars. It’s time, humanity. It’s time for us to go.