Real’s Math Ask Meme

  1. What math classes have you taken?
  2. What math classes did you do best in?
  3. What math classes did you like the most?
  4. What math classes did you do worst in?
  5. Are there areas of math that you enjoy? What are they?
  6. Why do you learn math?
  7. What do you like about math?
  8. Least favorite notation you’ve ever seen?
  9. Do you have any favorite theorems?
  10. Better yet, do you have any least favorite theorems?
  11. Tell me a funny math story.
  12. Who actually invented calculus?
  13. Do you have any stories of Mathematical failure you’d like to share?
  14. Do you think you’re good at math? Do you expect more from yourself?
  15. Do other people think you’re good at math?
  16. Do you know anyone who doesn’t think they’re good at math but you look up to anyway? Do you think they are?
  17. Are there any great female Mathematicians (living or dead) you would give a shout-out to?
  18. Can you share a good math problem you’ve solved recently?
  19. How did you solve it?
  20. Can you share any problem solving tips?
  21. Have you ever taken a competitive exam?
  22. Do you have any friends on Tumblr that also do math?
  23. Will P=NP? Why or why not?
  24. Do you feel the riemann zeta function has any non-trivial zeroes off the ½ line?
  25. Who is your favorite Mathematician?
  26. Who is your least favorite Mathematician?
  27. Do you know any good math jokes?
  28. You’re at the club and Andrew Wiles proves your girl’s last theorem. WYD?
  29. You’re at the club and Grigori Perlman brushes his gorgeous locks of hair to the side and then proves your girl’s conjecture. WYD?
  30. Who is/was the most attractive Mathematician, living or dead? (And why is it Grigori Perlman?)
  31. Can you share a math pickup line?
  32. Can you share many math pickup lines?
  33. Can you keep delivering math pickup lines until my pants dissapear?
  34. Have you ever dated a Mathematician?
  35. Would you date someone who dislikes math?
  36. Would you date someone who’s better than you at math?
  37. Have you ever used math in a novel or entertaining way?
  38. Have you learned any math on your own recently?
  39. When’s the last time you computed something without a calculator?
  40. What’s the silliest Mathematical mistake you’ve ever made?
  41. Which is better named? The Chicken McNugget theorem? Or the Hairy Ball theorem?
  42. Is it really the answer to life, the universe, and everything? Was it the answer on an exam ever? If not, did you put it down anyway to be a wise-ass?
  43. Did you ever fail a math class?
  44. Is math a challenge for you?
  45. Are you a Formalist, Logicist, or Platonist?
  46. Are you close with a math professor?
  47. Just how big is a big number?
  48. Has math changed you?
  49. What’s your favorite number system? Integers? Reals? Rationals? Hyper-reals? Surreals? Complex? Natural numbers?
  50. How do you feel about Norman Wildberger?
  51. Favorite casual math book?
  52. Do you have favorite math textbooks? If so, what are they?
  53. Do you collect anything that is math-related?
  54. Do you have a shrine Terence Tao in your bedroom? If not, where is it?
  55. Where is your most favorite place to do math?
  56. Do you have a favorite sequence? Is it in the OEIS?
  57. What inspired you to do math?
  58. Do you have any favorite/cool math websites you’d like to share?
  59. Can you reccomend any online resources for math?
  60. What’s you favorite number? (Wise-ass answers allowed)
  61. Does 6 really *deserve* to be called a perfect number? What the h*ck did it ever do?
  62. Are there any non-interesting numbers?
  63. How many grains of sand are in a heap of sand?
  64. What’s something your followers don’t know that you’d be willing to share?
  65. Have you ever tried to figure out the prime factors of your phone number?
  66. If yes to 65, what are they? If no, will you let me figure them out for you? 😉
  67. Do you have any math tatoos?
  68. Do you want any math tatoos?
  69. Wanna test my theory that symmetry makes everything more fun?
  70. Do you like Mathematical paradoxes?
  71. 👀
  72. Are you a fan of algorithms? If so, which are your favorite?
  73. Can you program? What languages do you know?

I’m a physicists, but still