Hey you all! Since my tumblr is quite inactive…

Hey you all! Since my tumblr is quite inactive the last time, I want to tell you why: Currently I work for an animal rights organization called ANIMALS UNITED and this is a very time consuming job – but it is worth it and unfortunately necessary!

What do we fight for?
Our society exploits, tortures and kills animals in many different sectors, such as nutrition, clothing, entertainmentresearch and even ‘domestic’ animals. Inform yourself and stand up! Everyone can make a change! 

How do we work?
In the video linked above you can get an impression of our work. Last Saturday (3.3.18) we protested with 1.000 people for a circus without animals. Many famous german stars such as Hannes Jaenicke walked with us to the biggest animal exploiting circus in Europe: Circus Krone. Circus is no fun for animals – transport, dressage and small cages characterise their daily life. Violence breaks their spirit. Although over 20 european countries already forbid wild animals in circuses, Germany still allows this archaic form of entertainment. We live in the 21st century – Exploiting animals for entertainment is outdated.

I know mysteriousquantumphysics.tumblr.com is about physics – animal rights are quite off topic – but: what is your opinion? As soon as I start to study physics at university I’ll be more active again;)

For animal rights! Because compassion is not enough!