We Just Found The Missing Matter In The Univ…

We Just Found The Missing Matter In The Universe, And Still Need Dark Matter

“For over 40 years, scientists have argued over dark matter’s existence.

Big questions arose from the motions inside galaxies, clusters of galaxies, and along the cosmic web.

From their gravity, we can infer the total mass in the Universe.

Yet multiple sources indicate that only 15% of that mass can be baryonic: made of normal matter.”

Is dark matter truly necessary? Many argued that, until we found the entirety of the normal matter in the Universe, we couldn’t be sure. The motions of galaxies, clusters of galaxies, and the formation of large-scale structure and the cosmic web all indicate a certain amount of mass in the Universe, and many sources such as the CMB and big bang nucleosynthesis indicate that the “normal” matter can only be about 15% of the total, implying dark matter. But finding all the normal matter has proven elusive, with the theorized WHIM (warm-hot intergalactic medium) not showing up in sufficient abundance. In particular, the hot part just wasn’t there.

Until now. Observation made with XMM-Newton have at last revealed it, and it’s there in just the right, predicted amounts. And therefore, dark matter is still absolutely necessary.