This Is How North Korea Will Develop A Hydroge…

This Is How North Korea Will Develop A Hydrogen Bomb

“Although we have no proof of this, the recent nuclear tests indicate that North Korea has at least weapons-grade materials and possible super-weapons-grade. To build a hydrogen (fusion) bomb, all you need is for a fission bomb to properly surround and compress, after the fission bomb detonates, a pellet of fusible material. The fusible material usually simply consists of two different isotopes of hydrogen: deuterium and tritium.

Frighteningly, arguably the best way to produce tritium is to run a water-cooled nuclear reactor. North Korea has one; it has undergone testing already this year and is potentially slated for activation in 2019. This method of creating a fusion bomb has been around since the 1950s, and represents one of the single greatest existential threats to all of humanity.”

In 2006, North Korea detonated what appeared to be a nuclear bomb, which we were able to detect through a worldwide network of seismology stations.Since then, 5 additional tests have been performed, increasing in power and demonstrating progressively more advanced nuclear capabilities. Their claims to have detonated a hydrogen bomb are not supported by the data, but there is a clear path to its development. There is currently no plan in place to mitigate this existential threat to the entire world, and in the aftermath of the Trump-Kim summit, things look like they’re accelerating towards a more dangerous, nuclearized world.

This is how North Korea will develop a hydrogen bomb if we continue to do exactly what we’re doing. We may want to change that, ASAP.