No, NASA Did Not Find Even ‘Hints Of Lif…

No, NASA Did Not Find Even ‘Hints Of Life’ On Enceladus

“So if it happened here on Earth, why couldn’t it happen on another world as well? The answer, of course, is that it could happen there, and it could have happened there billions of years ago. Life could very easily be surviving and thriving beneath the icy crust of this distant, Saturnian moon.

But that’s not what we found. We didn’t find molecules that indicate they’re the products of life processes; the molecules we found are the raw ingredients for life. There’s a tremendous difference between the two, and finding raw ingredients on Enceladus no more means there’s life on that world than finding sugar, flour, eggs, milk, and butter in your house means there’s a successfully baked cake there.”

Did you hear about the news on Enceladus? For the first time, on a world beyond Earth, we’ve detected the trifecta of combinations:

-a liquid water ocean,
-an undersea source of heat and energy,
-in combination with the presence of the raw ingredients necessary for life.

Many are speculating that this makes Enceladus a surefire winner in the search for the first life that has an origin beyond Earth. But that’s speculation, not science.

The truth of the matter is that finding the ingredients for life, which are everywhere, is a very different prospect than finding the products of life, which are nowhere to be found in these plumes. These are not the hints of life we were hoping for.