Hey where can I start learning about astrophys…

Hey where can I start learning about astrophysics? Do I start with astronomy and physics separately and start combining? I don't know I'm kinda lost : (!

Well, it depends on what you mean. If you mean you want to start studying astrophysics, I would recommend starting with learning physics and then learning about the environment of space and the objects in it, so that you can apply physics to what’s in space. The “how” of how it all works is astrophysics.

If you just want to learn about it as a layperson, know that’s what you’re getting into: how everything in space works, according to the laws of physics. What are the phenomena that exist, and the physical processes that cause/drive them?

My blog, Starts With A Bang, is a great place to start, and a book I wrote as an intro to cosmology/astrophysics, Beyond The Galaxy, is a great next step. Other people will give you other recommendations but that is where I would start.