5 Sights You Must Take In During The Century&r…

5 Sights You Must Take In During The Century’s Longest Total Lunar Eclipse

3.) The full, eclipsed Moon will be so dim that Mars will outshine it. The Moon is normally the brightest object in the night sky, even in a crescent phase. It’s simply too close to Earth, and the sunlight it reflects can turn an otherwise pristine sky into a nightmare for viewing. But during totality, and particularly at maximum totality, it will become even dimmer than a new Moon. This marks the dimmest, faintest state the Moon will achieve all century long.

In astronomy, the full Moon is the brightest thing in the night sky; the fully eclipsed Moon will be some 1,000,000 times fainter. The night of July 27th, it will be extremely close to the planet Mars in the sky, which will be at opposition. For once, Mars and the Moon will be visible in the same portion of the sky, and Mars will be the brighter of the two, despite being just 1.5% of the Moon’s angular size.”

On July 27, 2018, the longest lunar eclipse of the century will take place. It will be visible from six continents (sorry, North America) and last for a duration of 1 hour and 43 minutes in the total phase. The Moon will also pass through the center of Earth’s shadow, creating the darkest, dimmest Moon that Earth will experience for the rest of our lives. There are five incredible sights that will arise during this lunar eclipse, and many of them will be unique to this eclipse in particular!

Here are the sights you must take in if you want to experience this event to the fullest. Don’t miss it!