Which Planet Appears The Largest From Earth? …

Which Planet Appears The Largest From Earth?

“Mars experiences the greatest relative variation in angular size, from 3.5" to 25.1".
Saturn, the second-largest planet, ranges from 14.5" to 20.1", but if you include its main rings, becomes enormous, spanning from 33.8" to 46.9".”

Once every orbit, Earth makes its closest approach to each of the other worlds in our Solar System. Mars is in that configuration right now, where it appears brighter and bigger in the sky than it will at any other time throughout the year. This makes for spectacular viewing, even though (of course) it’s nowhere near the size of the full Moon. But perhaps surprisingly, it’s not even the biggest planet as seen from Earth right now! Not only do Saturn and Jupiter both appear larger at the moment, but Venus will, in just a few months, appear more than twice as large as Mars appears right now!

Come learn about how large the planets actually appear from Earth, and how much smaller than even the smallest full Moon they actually are!