Hubble’s Latest Jaw-Dropper Shows Where …

Hubble’s Latest Jaw-Dropper Shows Where The Universe’s Stars Come From

“Today, two trillion galaxies should exist within our observable Universe.

Most recently, Hubble released two new images of the ultra-deep, distant Universe.

These are the GOODS-North and GOODS-South fields, as viewed in ultraviolet light.

Ultraviolet light is special, because it shows us where the newest, youngest stars are right now.”

If you want to know where the newest stars in the Universe are, you have to look in ultraviolet light, which show us the hottest, bluest, and most massive stars. These stars live-and-die quickly, so wherever they show up, we know that star-formation must have occurred extremely recently, at least on cosmic timescales. The Hubble UV Ultra Deep Field, in 2014, demonstrated that we could learn how the Universe grew up. Now, with the GOODS-North and GOODS-South fields surveyed in ultraviolet, we can finally conclude when star formation peaked, and learn so much more than before about how the Universe grew up.

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