Ask Ethan: Could The Big Rip Lead To Another B…

Ask Ethan: Could The Big Rip Lead To Another Big Bang?

Could the “big rip” lead to another “Big Bang”? When the universe expands fast enough to tear atoms apart then quarks… At this point would the universe create a quark-gluon soup?

The Universe is expanding, a fact we’ve known since the 1920s. That expansion isn’t just a race between gravity and some initially rapid state of expansion, but is affected by dark energy, which causes that expansion to accelerate. Well, there’s a possibility that dark energy isn’t just a cosmological constant (although it’s consistent with a cosmological constant), but that it increases in strength over time. Rather than expand forever, a Universe with increasing dark energy will end in a Big Rip.

But is it possible, rather than ripping everything, including space itself, apart, it rejuvenates the Universe, and leads to a new Big Bang? Find out what it takes!