Is Anti-Gravity Real? Science Is About To Find…

Is Anti-Gravity Real? Science Is About To Find Out

“It’s an incredible possibility, one that’s considered wildly unlikely by practically all theoretical physicists. But no matter how wild or tame your theories are, you must absolutely confront them with experimental data; only through measuring the Universe and putting it to the test can you ever accurately determine how the laws of nature work.

Until we measure the gravitational acceleration of antimatter to the precision necessary to determine whether it falls up or down, we must keep ourselves open to the possibility that nature might not behave as we expect. The equivalence principle may not be true for antimatter; it may, in fact, be 100% anti-true. But if that’s the case, a whole new world of possibilities will be unlocked. We could change the currently-known limits of what humans can create in the Universe. And we’ll learn the answer in just a few years through the simplest of all experiments: putting an anti-atom in a gravitational field, and watching which way it falls.”

One of the biggest problems with manipulating gravity is that there’s only one type of gravitational charge: the positive kind. Mass has positive gravity, and it attracts all other masses. Energy also has positive gravity, and attracts and is attracted to all other forms of energy. The curvature of spacetime can only be positive or zero; negative gravitational attraction is impossible in a Universe without negative gravitational mass. But we’ve never measured the gravitational effects on antimatter, and a new experiment just might be the first to get there. 

If antimatter anti-gravitates, our sci-fi dreams like artificial gravity and warp drive will suddenly become possible. Keep your mind open and your dreams alive.