The 10 Scariest Places In The Universe, Accord…

The 10 Scariest Places In The Universe, According To Science

“With a huge suite of different observatories for viewing the Universe, innumerable details can be revealed.

Occasionally, what we find evokes terrifying feelings within us.

In the spirit of Halloween, here are the top 10 scariest sights the Universe has to offer.”

From ‘Terminator Tinkerbell,’ which is merely three colliding galaxies in an unusual configuration, to the ‘Ghost Nebula,’ which looks like a group of demons emerging from a wispy space cloud, the Universe is full of sights that remind us of the occult. Skulls, eyeballs, gargoyles, and even a ghostly hand make an appearance if we know where to look. As Halloween approaches, check out these 10 scary sights that the Universe delivers to us naturally, depending on which wavelength we look in.

From galaxy clusters down to mere space rocks in our own Solar System, enjoy this astronomical treat for Halloween!