An Ultra-Short History Of The Entire Universe“…

An Ultra-Short History Of The Entire Universe

“This hot, primordial soup expanded and cooled, creating a slight asymmetry between matter (slightly more) and antimatter (slightly less). The cooling continued, nuclei formed, and eventually, so did neutral atoms.

These atoms clumped together in gravitationally overdense regions, forming the first stars after tens of millions of years.”

In the beginning, before even the Big Bang, all that we had was space and time, expanding rapidly according to the rules of cosmological inflation. Today, we’ve got an observable Universe full of stars and galaxies, tens of billions of light years across, with at least one instance of intelligent life: on Earth.

The story of how we got to be here was a mystery to philosophers, theologists and poets for all of human history, but advances during the last century have brought that from the realm of the speculative to firm, scientific knowledge. We understand, at least in broad strokes, how the Universe began, evolved, and came to be the way it is today, from before the Big Bang to human intelligence here on Earth.

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