This Is How Astronomers Solved The ‘Zone…

This Is How Astronomers Solved The ‘Zone Of Avoidance’ Mystery

“From the time of their very first discovery, the Universe’s grand spirals have puzzled astronomers.

While stars, star clusters and other nebulae were concentrated in the plane of our Milky Way, there were no spiral nebulae present. For some reason, they eschewed our galaxy’s plane, which became known as the Zone of Avoidance.”

On the largest scales of all, the one thing we’re certain we can say about the Universe is that it’s extremely uniform. On average, there are the same number of stars and galaxies, the same sized structure, and the same overall density of matter regardless of where we look. So why, then, would we see spiral and elliptical galaxies in roughly equal abundances, in all directions, except within about 10 degrees of the Milky Way’s plane? For some reason, the galaxies that ought to be there simply aren’t; they appear to avoid the plane of the Milky Way.

This was a mystery for generations, but infrared astronomy, pioneered in the 1960s, paved our path to the epic solution. Come get the incredible story today!