We Just Measured All The Starlight In The Univ…

We Just Measured All The Starlight In The Universe, And It Spells Doom For Our Future

“An enormous part of our cosmic history has just been revealed for the very first time. We can bypass the foregrounds of our own Solar System, thanks to these gamma-ray signals and how they interact with the extragalactic background of starlight, to understand and measure how star-formation has occurred over all of cosmic time in our Universe, and to infer the total amount of starlight ever produced.

In the future, scientists may be able to go back even farther, and probe how stars formed and emitted light back before the Fermi-LAT team’s instrumentation is capable of reaching. Star formation is what turns the primordial elements from the Big Bang into the elements capable of giving rise to rocky planets, organic molecules, and life in the Universe. Perhaps, one day, we’ll find a way to reach all the way back to the earliest moments of our Universe, uncovering the truths behind the greatest cosmic mysteries of all. Until then, enjoy each and every step — like this one — that we take along the journey!”

For the first time ever, we’ve measured the total amount of starlight ever produced throughout the history of the Universe. We know how many photons, created by stars, now permeate all of space. We know when star-formation peaked, and we know how it’s fallen over time, and how it continues to fall.

Thanks to a new result from the Fermi-LAT collaboration, we understand how star-formation worked, and is dying, across all of space and time. Get the full story today!