What Was It Like When The Universe Made Its He…

What Was It Like When The Universe Made Its Heaviest Elements?

“For a long time, it was speculated that merging neutron stars would provide the origin of these elements, as two massive balls of neutrons smashing together could create an endless variety of heavy atomic nuclei. Sure, most of the mass from these objects would merge together into a final-stage object like a black hole, but a few percent should be ejected as part of the collision.

In 2017, observations made with both telescopes and with gravitational wave observatories confirmed that not only are neutron star mergers responsible for the overwhelming majority of these heavy elements, but that short-period gamma ray bursts can be linked to these mergers as well. Now known as a kilonova, it’s well-understood that neutron star-neutron star mergers are the origin of the majority of the heaviest elements found throughout the Universe.”

For those of you keeping track, this is the 22nd article I’ve written in my “what was it like when…” series. There’s an entire past and future history of our Universe to tell, and we haven’t even reached the present day.

Enjoy the story of how we made the heaviest elements of all, and stay tuned for even more.