This Is What We Know About Black Holes In Adva…

This Is What We Know About Black Holes In Advance Of The Event Horizon Telescope’s First Image

“For hundreds of years, humanity has expected black holes to exist. Over the course of all of our lifetimes, we’ve collected an entire suite of evidence that points not only to their existence, but to a fantastic agreement between their expected theoretical properties and what we’ve observed. But perhaps the most important prediction of all — that of the event horizon’s existence and properties — has never been directly tested before.

With simultaneous observations in hand from hundreds of telescopes across the globe, scientists have finished reconstructing an image, based on real data, of the largest black hole as seen from Earth: the 4 million solar mass monster at the center of the Milky Way. What we’ll see on April 10 will either further confirm General Relativity or cause us to rethink all that we believe about gravity. Eager with anticipation, the world now awaits.”

The Event Horizon Telescope will, on April 10 (tomorrow, at the time of this writing), release an image two years in the making: of the event horizon of the black hole at the Milky Way’s center. Many will look at this as the first definitive proof that black holes truly exist, but we mustn’t forget all the (overwhelming!) evidence we already have in hand. There is a ton that we already know about black holes that has been demonstrated observationally, and all of it is in spectacular agreement with what we theoretically expect.

On the eve of the Event Horizon Telescope’s big announcement, take some time to get a little perspective, and learn what we already know about black holes!