Cosmology’s Only Big Problems Are Manufa…

Cosmology’s Only Big Problems Are Manufactured Misunderstandings

“We should always be aware of the limitations of and assumptions inherent to any scientific hypothesis we put forth. Every theory has a range of established validity, and a range where we extend our predictions past the known frontiers. A theory is only as good as the verifiable predictions it can make; pushing to new observational or experimental territory is where we must look if we ever hope to supersede our present understanding.

But we mustn’t forget or throw out the existing successes of General Relativity, the expanding Universe, the Big Bang, dark matter, dark energy, or inflation. Going beyond our current theories includes — as a mandatory requirement — encompassing and reproducing their triumphs. Until a robust alternative can reach that threshold, all pronouncements of “big problems” with the prevailing paradigm should be treated for what they are: ideologically-driven diatribes without the requisite scientific merit to back them up.”

It might seem like no fun to you: to look at all the imaginative alternative explanations to the mainstream scientific thought and declare them all to be insufficient. You might wonder where my imagination is, and what kind of lousy scientist I must be to deride all of these alternative ideas as obviously wrong, and to stick so closely to the prevailing orthodoxy. To an outsider, it might seem like I’m tremendously foolish. But to someone who understands what a scientific theory has to do, you’ll immediately recognize that there are thresholds one needs to surpass to bring about a scientific revolution, If you cannot meet those criteria, you don’t get to play in the same league.

Some people might claim that cosmology has some big problems, but that’s not what you see if you make an honest and accurate assessment. Get the truth, rather than the hype, today.