New Video On Quantum Supremacy! In October 20…

New Video On Quantum Supremacy!

In October 2019, a team of researchers used a 53-qubit quantum computer to solve a complicated problem in just three minutes (and change) that they alleged would take a normal, “classical” computer some 10,000 years to solve. With speed-ups like that, it’s no stretch to say that a concept known as Quantum Supremacy has been achieved.

But is that truly what happened? The problem that they solved efficiently with a quantum computer isn’t useful in any way; it was specifically chosen precisely because it’s a problem that is extremely difficult and computationally intensive to solve for a classical computer, while being computationally “easy” for a quantum computer. Moreover, IBM disputed the 10,000 year figure, claiming that their Summit supercomputer, a powerful classical computer with some 250 Petabytes (!!) of storage, could solve that problem in under 3 days.

Has Quantum Supremacy actually been achieved? Find out in this new, bonus video that Dr. Laura Manenti (a recent podcast guest) and I created together!