Why Humans Should Be Thankful That Our Unive…

Why Humans Should Be Thankful That Our Universe Has Dark Matter

“In a Universe without dark matter, we might still have stars and galaxies, but the only planets would be gas giant worlds, with no rocky ones to speak of. Without carbon, there are no organic molecules; without oxygen, there is no liquid water; without a whole slew of elements from the periodic table, biochemical life would be completely impossible.

Only with the presence of massive dark matter halos, surrounding galaxies and driving the growth of the cosmic web, can a planet like Earth or carbon-based life like we find terrestrially be formed. As we’ve come to understand what makes up our Universe and how it grew to be this way, one inescapable conclusion emerges: dark matter is fundamentally necessary for life to arise. Without it, the chemistry that underlies all life could never have occurred. Today and every day, we should be thankful for every part of the cosmic story that allowed us to exist. Even dark matter.”

Today marks American Thanksgiving, a holiday where we give thanks for all the positive things that have impacted our lives and the bountiful harvest that nature provides in order for us to survive through the harsh winters. But one of the things that’s not only unappreciated, but often derided in the popular media is dark matter, a substance which interacts gravitationally but not through any other known force.

Yet, without dark matter, humans, chemical-based life, or even rocky planets wouldn’t be able to exist in our Universe. Here’s why you, and everyone, should be thankful for it.