This Is How Quantum Physics Creates The Larg…

This Is How Quantum Physics Creates The Largest Cosmic Structures Of All

“If not for quantum physics, the Universe would have been born perfectly smooth, with every region of space having the exact same temperature and density as every other region. As time went on, we would still have matter win out over antimatter, form the light elements through nucleosynthesis, and then create neutral atoms as the Universe expanded and cooled.

But we wouldn’t form stars and galaxies the way our Universe did. It would take many billions of years for even the first ones to form: many hundreds of times longer than we actually see. The existence of enormous galaxy clusters and a large-scale cosmic web would be forbidden, as the seeds of structure wouldn’t be there for them to grow. And dark energy would be the final nail-in-the-coffin, preventing the largest structures from ever forming.

The only reason we have them at all is because of the quantum nature of our Universe. It’s only because of the connection between the smallest and the largest scales — the quantum and the cosmic — that we can make sense of our Universe at all.”

Have you ever looked at maps of the Universe on the largest scales and seen galaxies clumped and clustered together along filamentary lines, with enormous nexuses separated by vast cosmic voids? That’s known as the large-scale structure of the Universe. Have you ever wondered why it looks the way it does?

Believe it or not, the answer to that lies in the quantum physics that occurred during the inflationary epoch that preceded the Big Bang. Come get the story for yourself.