Don’t Believe These 5 Myths About The Big Ba…

Don’t Believe These 5 Myths About The Big Bang

1.) The Big Bang is the explosion that began our Universe. Every time we look out at a distant galaxy in the Universe and try to measure what its light is doing, we see the same pattern emerge: the farther away the galaxy is, the more significantly its light is systematically shifted to longer and longer wavelengths. This redshift that we observe for these objects follows a predictable pattern, with double the distance meaning that the light is shifted by twice as much.

Distant objects, therefore, appear to be receding away from us. Just as a police car speeding away from you will sound lower-pitched the faster it moves away from you, the greater we measure an object’s distance to be from us, the greater the measured redshift of its light will be. It makes a lot of sense, then, to think that the more distant objects are moving away from us at faster speeds, and that we could trace every galaxy we see today back to a single point in the past: an enormous explosion.”

The Big Bang is not an explosion, it doesn’t have a center point that we can trace the expansion back to, it never reached an infinitely hot-and-dense state, it doesn’t imply that the Universe began from a singularity, and it doesn’t take you back to a moment where space, time, and the laws of physics all spontaneously emerged. Do you believe any of these statements? Do you know why they’re not true? 

Here’s the real physics behind what we know about our Universe’s origin, with the scientific evidence to back it all up!