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If it freezes and you can see it, you know it’s velocity and position, so nah, pass.

Did you know?

Plants are farming us. They provide us food and oxygen and when we die, they consume us.

Tribute to the unspoken heroes

As an ece undergrad, the most impressive field, whose courses I have been taught, is the telecommunications one. Guys, I can only have respect on how you managed to combine mathematics (like Fourier’s transform) probabilities and statistics (like stohastic processes, Gaussian noise etc), electrical engineering (for the transmitter-receiver circuits) and (sometimes) computer engineering. Like, guys, fuck Physicists, you are the real MVPs!

The world owes you so many things and they don’t even know it!

@oasisstories As a Falcons fan, I wished he didn’t though 😂

Every single softeng lab in Greece be like