Huhu :) Wohnst du in Deutschland? :D Welche Ph…

Huhu 🙂 Wohnst du in Deutschland? 😀 Welche Physikunis kannst du empfehlen?

Hey! Ja, ich wohne tatsächlich in Deutschland, aber ich studiere noch nicht. Ich werde erst dieses Wintersemester beginnen und habe die LMU in München für mich auserkoren:) Ähnlich wie die Münchener TU gehört sie zu den renommiertesten Universitäten in Deutschland – aber eine deutliche Empfehlung auszusprechen ist schwierig; immerhin hat Max Planck auch in München studiert, wenn das kein Wink mit dem Zaunpfahl ist😅 Was ich dir auf jeden Fall empfehlen kann, ist das einwöchige Probestudium an der LMU zu machen (ähnliche Angebote gibt es sicherlich auch an mehreren Unis) – so erhält man einen wertvollen Einblick in den Unialltag, der einen erwartet. Es gibt aber auch zahlreiche kleinere Unis, die zwar vielleicht jünger sind, aber durch mehr Kontakt zu Dozenten & Co. ein viel besseres Lernerlebnis sichern. Du wirst sicherlich die für dich passende Uni finden! Schau dich einfach um und du wirst herausfinden, welche dir gefällt:) Liebe Grüße, Laura ☄🌞🛰

29.4.18: Full moon as seen from Munich, German…

29.4.18: Full moon as seen from Munich, Germany

humanoidhistory: Planet Jupiter, observed by N…


Planet Jupiter, observed by NASA’s Juno probe on July 10, 2017. (As of this posting, Tumblr has marked this image as “sensitive” for some reason. I’m trying to see this like I’m an algorithm looking for something offensive. Does it look like a body part?)


Help fighting the MERS virus!

Help fighting the MERS virus!:

“MERS-CoV (Middle- East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus) is a Coronavirus, endemic in Middle East. The virus attacks the human respiratory system and is considered to be highly pathogenic, causing a series of non-specific symptoms which complicate the diagnosis. It is transmitted through human-to-human contact, as well as through direct or indirect contact with host animals. The Wolrd Health Organization has declared MERS-CoV as one of the most likely to cause a future epidemic and urges for further research. It is worth mentioning that the mortality rate of humans infected by MERS-CoV is above 35%.

Since 2012, there have been reported cases of MERS-CoV infection in 27 countries, including Greece. The majority of cases were located in Saudi Arabia. However, the issue does not concern only the Middle East but the entire world as well. Modern means of transport eliminate distances, thus facilitating the movement both of humans and pathogenic microorganisms. Our test will be of great use to international travellers, so as to avoid outbreaks of the virus in regions were it isn’t endemic.”

You are able to be part of developing a diagnostic kit! Just follow the link on! The research team is glad about every support! ✨🌻🌞

humanoidhistory: TODAY IN HISTORY: On April 1…


TODAY IN HISTORY: On April 12, 1961, the Soviet Union took an early lead in the Space Race as cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin became the first human to journey into outer space when his Vostok 1 spacecraft completed an orbit of the Earth.



Yuri Gagarin, first human in space, working in his study, 1966.

Our distant companion as seen from Munich, Ger…

Our distant companion as seen from Munich, Germany, 25/3/18

Have a nice Pi-Day! In memory of Stephen Hawki…

Have a nice Pi-Day! In memory of Stephen Hawking!

Hi, this is not judgemental in anyway, but are…

Hi, this is not judgemental in anyway, but are you a vegan now that you are an animal activist? I am simply asking out of interest, no hate, I promise! 🙂

Hey:) Yes, I am actually vegan – already for about seven years because of ethical reasons. I just did not communicate it on my blog before:) After I finished my A levels in 2017 I started working for Animals United because I think living vegan is not enough – being politically active for animal rights is an important step for a change in our society. Have a nice day!

Hey you all! Since my tumblr is quite inactive…

Hey you all! Since my tumblr is quite inactive the last time, I want to tell you why: Currently I work for an animal rights organization called ANIMALS UNITED and this is a very time consuming job – but it is worth it and unfortunately necessary!

What do we fight for?
Our society exploits, tortures and kills animals in many different sectors, such as nutrition, clothing, entertainmentresearch and even ‘domestic’ animals. Inform yourself and stand up! Everyone can make a change! 

How do we work?
In the video linked above you can get an impression of our work. Last Saturday (3.3.18) we protested with 1.000 people for a circus without animals. Many famous german stars such as Hannes Jaenicke walked with us to the biggest animal exploiting circus in Europe: Circus Krone. Circus is no fun for animals – transport, dressage and small cages characterise their daily life. Violence breaks their spirit. Although over 20 european countries already forbid wild animals in circuses, Germany still allows this archaic form of entertainment. We live in the 21st century – Exploiting animals for entertainment is outdated.

I know is about physics – animal rights are quite off topic – but: what is your opinion? As soon as I start to study physics at university I’ll be more active again;)

For animal rights! Because compassion is not enough!