humanoidhistory: Albert Einstein at home in P…


Albert Einstein at home in Princeton, New Jersey, in a 1947 photo by Philippe Halsman. (Magnum Photos)

It’s Pi-Day! Time to celebrate maths!:D

It’s Pi-Day! Time to celebrate maths!:D


My collection of finished pencils after first semester physics – how many did you use?:D


Hey guys! Long time no see, exams are coming – my proud of this evening: highly condensed calculus knowledge on only one sheet of paper!:D

What we observe as material bodies and forces …

What we observe as material bodies and forces are nothing but shapes and variations in the structure of space.


02:00 am // After finishing some of my calculus homework I started reading “Ideas and Opinions” from Albert Einstein – great thoughts of a great mind!

wie ist es so an der lmu zu studieren? Welche …

wie ist es so an der lmu zu studieren? Welche Vorstellungen hattest du die dann enttäuscht/übertroffen wurden? Wie empfandest du so deine erste Vorlesung? 🙂


Ich mag die LMU tatsächlich sehr gern – ich kann zwar nicht selbst beurteilen, wie es an anderen Unis läuft, aber ich habe von vielen gehört, dass es der TUM wesentlich stressiger ist. Der Stoff ist der selbe, aber die GOP sollen wohl strenger sein.

Tatsächlich bin ich ohne verklärte Vorstellungen in die ersten Vorlesungen gegangen – mir war von Anfang an klar, dass man nur sehr wenig auf Anhieb versteht und Frust mein stetiger Begleiter seim wird. In dieser Hinsicht wurden meine Erwartungen also erfüllt, haha:D

Trotzdem ist es der perfekte Studiengang – man lernt die Welt zu verstehen – bzw. man realisiert, wie wenig man sie eigentlich bisher versteht;) Welche Uni man wählt ist daher, denke ich, eher weniger relevant.

LG Laura

The first ever interstellar object was detecte…



About a month ago was detected Oumuamua, a highly elongated asteroid coming from outside our Solar System.

This is the first time such an “interstellar traveller” is detected : its orbital eccentricity is the highest ever measured in our Solar System, meaning this asteroid travels through our galaxy, the Milky Way.

It was named “ ’Oumuamua ”, the Hawaiian for “scout” – a messenger from the past.

The asteroid’s alien nature is reflected in its bizarre properties : Oumuamua is about 180 meters long but only 30 metres wide, and travels at a up to 88 km/s – a much higher speed than our Solar System’s asteroids’.

The paper was published yesterday in Nature. Make sure to visit its Wikipedia page or the NASA article about it!

Image credit : ESO/M.Kornmesser


New data means new papers! The traveller has deviated from its calculated orbit. By some, this is supposed to be due to jets of gas – emerging with the temperature change as the object travels in the solar system:

More recent research excludes this possibility, and even suggests ‘Oumuamua being a alien light sail

And if you are curious for more, a total of 79 papers have been published on this interesting object.

numb3rth30ry: Here are a few pretty variation…


Here are a few pretty variations of the complex sine function. 

Mathematics is beautiful. <3


Hello, dear friends! It’s time for a short update: After I became a physics enthusiast some years ago I finally study at university now! Consequently my time of tumblr inactivity is over and I’m going to post more often again 👌