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Whenever I bring up a new idea about the proje…

My co-mentor: BITCH YAAAASS
My mentor: Bitch, please


Time to ask for letters of recommendation = ass kissin season

Hey! I am currently on my last year of high s…

Hey! I am currently on my last year of high school in my country ( I'm not from the us) and I'm torn between going to medical school and doing something related to physics, like astronomy or so. There is a course here called physical engineering but I'm not sure. Would you mind telling me how is studying physics in university? Ahhh I'm so confused. So sorry to bother. Love your blog ❤️

Hi! Physical engineering is not the same thing as physics; if you want to do astronomy you’ll have to find a physics course i’m afraid. I mean studying physics is both stressful and amazing. I think that my undergraduate studies where by far the hardest part. But you can do it if you learn how not to be discouraged by occasional inevitable failure. Good luck & thanks 🙂

Hi. Do you have any advice for someone who is…

Hi. Do you have any advice for someone who is looking to apply to graduate school but who graduated from college in 2016?

I’m applying for a PhD myself and so far i think that a good thing to do is to read the latest papers of the group/mentor you want to work with and maybe write down some ideas, idk for example i’ ve just finished my MSc and i’m kind of trying to link some research that i’ve done to the stuff i read in their papers, so to seem prepared & pretend to have good ideas. Good luck!

Hello! So I'm about to chose a career (im…

Hello! So I'm about to chose a career (im not from the us) and im thinking physics or medicine… I'm scared of choosing physics because I'm not so great at math. Could you please give me advice? How can I stop being afraid of math? What's it like studying physics? What should I start learning independently?? Thanks!

Hi! You can become good at math by practising. Maybe try reading by yourself some high school textbooks, if you haven’t done it yet. And i don’t know abt other people but i have fallen in love with physics by solving problems. Like, going home and doing the exercises in the textbook for fun. Doing physics at a higher level is not very different from that. Try and see how you like it. Either way, all the best


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Hello! My name's Luiza and in a few days …

Hello! My name's Luiza and in a few days I'll have to decide what I want to study in university. I'm currently caught between anthropology and physics. I'd like to ask you how is the physics course. As someone who is currently in the research field (or so I believe), you're following the path I would if I were to study physics. Can you please tell me what is it like? How well should one's grades/understanding of physics prior to university? Thank you in advance for your attention!

Hello hello, so sorry for answering this late, but my graduation is in a few days (!) and my life has been a bunch of deadlines. I suppose you’ve already made your decision (I hope you chose physics. HAH just kidding, kind of). But anyway, I find that doing research is the best feeling ever. Being completely caught up in your work, because it is new, and it is something that you’re building from your own mind. It gives you a sense of purpose. And your highschool level of knowledge on physics doesn’t really matter at all; in uni you always start from scratch anyway. All the best on your career!

Me when I’m presenting my work to other physic…

Me when I’m presenting my work to other physicists

I came to realize that it’s better to be a dumbass with a lot of patience than a genius…

I came to realize that it’s better to be a dumbass with a lot of patience than a genius without self discipline.

Hey uhm, so I’m thinking of studying physics but I’m 22 now and would turn 24 in the first semester, which I know is “old” compared to most students, did you have any “mature” students in your course or generally in the natural sciences? Do you think it puts me in a bad position? I’m only now thinking about physics cause I was severely mentally ill for 10 years and I’m only now able to get the necessary diplomas I didn’t get in high school and enjoy physics (or enjoy anything, really). =)

No, I don’t think it puts you in a bad or difficult position. I know people from my course who lost a year or two in high school due to one reason or another,

whether laziness or serious problems, and did just fine in university even though they were a  bit older when they started. Don’t worry about being “late” or how you did in high school. The truth is that what or how you did in high school counts for nothing. Besides, starting at 24 is not that far from the average age. All the best!