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Summer schools be like

Summer schools be like



*rereads my own research* wow. interesting.

31, 39, 48 (physics) and….Congratulations! …

31, 39, 48 (physics) and….Congratulations! 🌸

Thank you!

31. Math pick up line
Hey girl do you want me to make a Fourier analysis? Cause you’re sending me complex signals

39. Last time you computed something without a calculator
i do that often to check if my Mathematica code works correctly

48. Has math changed you?
I like to think it has made me a more logical person, but i can’t prove that

(hoping you meant the math ask)




When your collegues don’t cite your papers



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I’m the science & sadness friend. Haha joking I’m no one’ s friend

Whenever I bring up a new idea about the proje…

My co-mentor: BITCH YAAAASS
My mentor: Bitch, please


Time to ask for letters of recommendation = ass kissin season

Hey! I am currently on my last year of high s…

Hey! I am currently on my last year of high school in my country ( I'm not from the us) and I'm torn between going to medical school and doing something related to physics, like astronomy or so. There is a course here called physical engineering but I'm not sure. Would you mind telling me how is studying physics in university? Ahhh I'm so confused. So sorry to bother. Love your blog ❤️

Hi! Physical engineering is not the same thing as physics; if you want to do astronomy you’ll have to find a physics course i’m afraid. I mean studying physics is both stressful and amazing. I think that my undergraduate studies where by far the hardest part. But you can do it if you learn how not to be discouraged by occasional inevitable failure. Good luck & thanks 🙂

Hi. Do you have any advice for someone who is…

Hi. Do you have any advice for someone who is looking to apply to graduate school but who graduated from college in 2016?

I’m applying for a PhD myself and so far i think that a good thing to do is to read the latest papers of the group/mentor you want to work with and maybe write down some ideas, idk for example i’ ve just finished my MSc and i’m kind of trying to link some research that i’ve done to the stuff i read in their papers, so to seem prepared & pretend to have good ideas. Good luck!