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Are you an expert on fake physics? The kind th…

Are you an expert on fake physics? The kind that exists in sci-fi movies? What if I asked you something about those? Confirm or deny if they're fake??

I’m an ‘expert’ in physics so I guess that makes me an expert in fake physics. I’ll do my best to answer any question you have

god save us from HIV aids and the warth of phy…

god save us from HIV aids and the warth of physics.


31, 39, 48 (physics) and….Congratulations! …

31, 39, 48 (physics) and….Congratulations! 🌸

Thank you!

31. Math pick up line
Hey girl do you want me to make a Fourier analysis? Cause you’re sending me complex signals

39. Last time you computed something without a calculator
i do that often to check if my Mathematica code works correctly

48. Has math changed you?
I like to think it has made me a more logical person, but i can’t prove that

(hoping you meant the math ask)

Heyy, i took two gap years after high school a…

Heyy, i took two gap years after high school and on march i'm coming back to school. I somehow got into the best physics program in my country (i'm not from the us) but i'm fucking nervous. I really like it but was never a genius, and with two years without properly studying (i did a bit on my own but not the same) i don't know how to approach it. Do you know how i could start to prepare myself now, or how to study when i start classes? Thank you!

Hey. My general advice for freshmen is always to start doing assignments and exercises right away. Try not to fall behind on your work when you start from the basics. When you get a hand of it, the rest will follow more naturally. Working hard is far more valuable than being a genius (and if you ask my opinion, geniuses don’t exist anyway). Don’t be discouraged if you fuck up a little in the beginning. Happens to all.

Hello! First off, I love your blog and am greatly inspired by you. I wanted to ask a question: I haven’t ever studied physics, but I desperately want to start. I love math, but physics just never worked out in my course load. I am a graduating senior in high school, and I thought maybe I could start learning the basics to prepare for college over the summer. Do you have any tips for where to start? Much thanks!!

Hello to you! And thank you! I think that for starters, you could have a look at the very basics of a general physics course, if you’ve never studied it before. For example, the linear motion, relationship between force and motion, and maybe look at specific examples of forces (gravitational, elastic, etc.).

Then some definitions of potential and kinetic energy, and energy conservation. These are the core topics.

Once you understood the energy conservation and forces, you could have a look at oscillations and waves. Also the laws of thermodynamics (entropy and heat and all that, pretty important I think).

Electric and magnetic fields are slightly more advanced topics, though I’ve studied them in high school. But since there usually are specific courses in Electromagnetism in college, you probably don’t need to study them right away.

You could have a look at special relativity, it’s always fun and not too complicated if you got the motion equations.

Personally, I think the Halliday-Resnick is a good book (here). I know it’s massive, but you need 1/5 of the stuff if you’re looking for the basics.