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Are you an expert on fake physics? The kind th…

Are you an expert on fake physics? The kind that exists in sci-fi movies? What if I asked you something about those? Confirm or deny if they're fake??

I’m an ‘expert’ in physics so I guess that makes me an expert in fake physics. I’ll do my best to answer any question you have

What should I do/say to impress someone who is…

What should I do/say to impress someone who is an astrophysics professor?

Do not mention quantum physics, only the large scale exists. All physicist like it when someone compliments our minds cause we’re very egocentric and desperate. Do not mention Interstellar

god save us from HIV aids and the warth of phy…

god save us from HIV aids and the warth of physics.


Hey. I just wanted to say that I relate to you…

Hey. I just wanted to say that I relate to your post so immensely. I just finished my bachelors in physics and it was consistently an uphill battle. Honestly, it was a lot of sacrifice for minimal results, and I wonder if it was worth all of the mental anguish I put myself through. Tbh, I am applying to grad school now with the mindset that it will get better, but I have been telling myself that for the past 3 years and it just sucked more. I love research, but idk if this is worth it.

Physics, or science in general, is still my favourite human activity. All i’m saying is some sacrifices are not worth it.

You can still go to grad school and finish it maybe not brilliantly but finish it and at the same time do something completely else that you also love and not pour all of your mental energy in just one goal. I’m saying if it is a mental anguish, you might look back years from now and regret it. I’m saying go to grad school if you want but know that that doesn’t have to be your life. Best of luck!

The U.S. Naval Institute (USNI) just published…

The U.S. Naval Institute (USNI) just published an essay in "Proceedings" on "low energy nuclear reactions." THe essay endorses the "Widom-Larsen Theory" of LENR. This "essay" actually won second prize in USNI's 2018 "Emerging Technologies" essay contest. Quite frankly, I can't see this "technology" emerging anytime or anywhere. Comments?

Apologies for the very late reply. I haven’t come across this essay and i’m not a nuclear physicist, but i can comment this: low energy nuclear reactions are a relevant topic. If the “proceedings” they present allow, for example, to extract a great quantity of energy from a low energy reaction, i guess that maybe this technology could be applicable in some fields. Idk, to have a relevant comment i would need understand what that technology is.

BUT THINK ABOUT THIS: All science is trash. Wh…

BUT THINK ABOUT THIS: All science is trash. Why do we even try anymore? Entropy claims all and its useless to fight.

Probably but what else are we gonna do

Would you say that a physics major would have …

Would you say that a physics major would have a fair amount of job options available (or y’know, existent) after a Masters degree? Or do most physics jobs require a PhD? I want to major in physics by I’m not sure if I could really handle that much school, and I know Chemistry has a fair amount of job opportunities accessible with a Masters.

Hey, sorry for the late reply, my life is a mess. Also I read this after writing the previous stupid chemistry-dragging post. 

I think you can go after a fair amount of jobs after a Masters in physics. It depends


you want to continue working in a strictly physics-related field or not. When I got a Masters I did a ton of job interviews and got hired in a major Bank to be a data analyst (even though I don’t know the first thing about finance),

but i then decided to pursue a PhD and never work in my life. Anyway as a physicist you can get really good big corp. jobs, and maybe – maybe – even end up working on some interesting projects such as: machine learning, robotics and AI, blockchain, etc. These big corporations really want physicists for these jobs not only because of our programming skills (they look mainly for Python, C, C++, SQL) but also for analysis skills and statistics, which a non-physicist programmer usually lacks. If you are interested in that kind of thing you can contact corporations such as IBM, KPMG, Deloitte, Accenture, Microsoft,Google, basically every bank etc. If being a manager/consultant isn’t your dream job, there are corporations that deal with research in physics, like STMicroelectronics, for example.

But if you want like a proper physics job like working in a lab for research and not selling your soul to capitalism for big money, then you almost certainly need a PhD. But I guess it depends what field you’re in.

As for chemistry, the best you can aspire to is to do product control for a factory, or spend your days in a hospital lab checking urine for diabetes and regretting not doin physics 😉

31, 39, 48 (physics) and….Congratulations! …

31, 39, 48 (physics) and….Congratulations! 🌸

Thank you!

31. Math pick up line
Hey girl do you want me to make a Fourier analysis? Cause you’re sending me complex signals

39. Last time you computed something without a calculator
i do that often to check if my Mathematica code works correctly

48. Has math changed you?
I like to think it has made me a more logical person, but i can’t prove that

(hoping you meant the math ask)



Thanks! ♦️

17, 51, 72 and 73 for the maths ask thing! :)

17, 51, 72 and 73 for the maths ask thing! 🙂

17Are there any great female Mathematicians (living or dead) you would give a shout-out to?

Maryam Mirzakhani was one of the people I admired the most in the world. She had that pure joy in doing math that only true geniuses have, they say.

51 – Favorite casual math book?

The Parrot’s Theorem is super fun, plus it’s a novel. Also, The Music of the Primes by Marcus du Sautoy.

72 – Are you a fan of algorithms? If so, which are your favorite?

All the algorithms are fun to me. It doesn’t really matter what they’re for. Writing one from scratch is like solving a riddle.

73 – Can you program? What languages do you know?

C ++ obviously. Mathematica. A bit of self-taught Python.