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How Many Fundamental Constants Does It Take To…

How Many Fundamental Constants Does It Take To Explain The Universe?

“Our Universe is an intricate, amazing place, and yet our greatest hopes of a unified theory — a theory of everything — seek to decrease the number of fundamental constants we need. In reality, though, the more we learn about the Universe, the more parameters we’re learning it takes to fully describe it. It’s important to recognize where we are and what it takes, today, to describe the entirety of what’s known.

But we still don’t know everything, and so it’s also important to keep searching for a more complete paradigm. If we’re successful, it will give us absolutely everything the Universe has in it, including solutions to our current mysteries. The hope of many, but not a requirement, is that the Universe will wind up being simpler than we currently know. Right now, unfortunately, anything simpler than what’s been put forth here is too simple to work. Our Universe may not be elegant, after all.”

Think about everything that exists in our Universe. We have the four fundamental forces: gravity, electromagnetism, and the strong and weak nuclear forces. We have all the particles and antiparticles of the Standard Model; we have the bosons; we have the ways that particle behavior changes dependent on energy. We have hundreds of known composite particles and the ways that they interact, couple and decay. For everything that’s known, there are at least 26 fundamental constants required to explain the Universe on top of the laws of physics themselves, and still, they don’t give us everything.

Could there be a deeper explanation? Or are things only going to get messier from here? Here are the constants to describe what’s known so far!