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Fantasy Genetics Is The Most Important, And Worst, Science In Game Of Thrones

“All of this sets up a world where the most genetically pure members of the most powerful race — the Targaryens — have a righteous claim to rule the seven kingdoms. But this is a white supremacist’s ideal view of genetics, not a lesson in how genetics actually works.

In reality, race is not a biologically meaningful category.

In reality, genetic diversity increases biological fitness among humans, rather than diluting it.

In reality, inbreeding poses a dizzying array of potential inherited disorders, including: blindness, hearing loss, schizophrenia, decreased fertility, immune disorders, Grave’s disease (prevalent in Ptolemaic Egypt), and lantern jaw (which disproportionately afflicted the inbreeding-rich Habsburg house in Europe).”

Who is the rightful heir to the iron throne, and who is best suited to take on that role? Perhaps, contrary to what we might think from watching the show, successfully inbreeding your way to hold onto power isn’t a long-term strategy for anything except extinction. Real genetics works very differently from the fantasy genetics of Game of Thrones, and we should all learn why this is the case.

The Lannisters and Targaryens might have issues with inbreeding, but it’s nothing compared to House Frey. Come see the real consequences and get the science behind the genetics of Game of Thrones!