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Pilot Wave Hydrodynamics – A Tumblr series

Next week, FYP! in collaboration with FYFD is bringing you an exclusive Tumblr series on Pilot wave hydrodynamics. There will be a new post on FYP! and FYFD all through next week (Jan 8 – 12) exploring pilot wave hydrodynamics.

This has been the topic of spectacular experimental investigations and revelations (and controversies too) in Fluid Dynamics & Quantum Mechanics in recent times.

On Monday, we begin this journey in the labs of Michael Faraday and Chladni; And then embark on an exciting adventure through decades of research to arrive at where we are today.

Stay Tuned!

Whale Flukeprint

Since you guys seemed to enjoy the post on vortices and birds. Here is a throwback for you :

This is a humpback whale (Megaptera novaeangliae) fluke-print and it is absolutely gorgeous. They are formed immediately after the whale dunks down into the sea. ( A reminiscent of the whales presence )

As you can observe, the inside surface is smoother compared to the outside waves. It appears that the waves inside have been dampened out somehow.


This paper ( A theory for the hydrodynamic origin of whale flukeprints )  suggests that there are vortices that are formed at the end of fluke print (Region III) which dampens them out. For more details on this phenomenon please read the paper by al.

Its really fascinating ! Have a great day!

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