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Will Humanity Achieve Interstellar Travel And Find Alien Life?

“All of this, together, points to a picture where a spacecraft or even a crewed journey to the stars is technologically within our reach, and where the discovery of our first world beyond the solar system with possible life on it could occur in a decade or two. What was once solely in the realm of science-fiction is quickly becoming possible due to both technical and scientific advances and the thousands of scientists and engineers who work to apply these new technologies in practical ways.

On February 5 at 7 PM ET (4 PM PT), Dr. Bryan Gaensler, director of the Dunlap Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics at the University of Toronto, will be delivering a public lecture at Perimeter Institute on exactly this topic. Titled Warp Drive and Aliens: The Scientific Perspective, it’s available to watch from anywhere on Earth, and I’ll be following along with a live-blog in real time…”

For as long as we’ve been looking up at the stars, we’ve wondered whether it will ever be possible to travel to one of them, and to perhaps discover another planet where life has taken hold. What’s been a mere sci-fi dream for humanity for most of our history at last, with 21st century technology, has the possibility of becoming a reality. 

Later today, Dr. Bryan Gaensler will be delivering a public lecture at Perimeter Institute that will be webcast in real-time all over the world, and you can follow along with my live-blog of his talk in real-time, too!