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This Is Why It’s Meaningless That Dark M…

This Is Why It’s Meaningless That Dark Matter Experiments Haven’t Found Anything

“To date, the direct detection efforts having to do with dark matter have come up empty. There are no interaction signals we’ve observed that require dark matter to explain them, or that aren’t consistent with Standard Model-only particles in our Universe. Direct detection efforts can disfavor or constrain specific dark matter particles or scenarios, but does not affect the enormous suite of indirect, astrophysical evidence that leaves dark matter as the only viable explanation.

Many people are working tirelessly on alternatives, but unless they’re misrepresenting the facts about dark matter (and some do exactly that), they have an enormous suite of evidence they’re required to explain. When it comes to looking for the great cosmic unknowns, we might get lucky, and that’s why we try. But absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. When it comes to dark matter, don’t let yourself be fooled.”

If dark matter is so successful, then why haven’t we directly detected the particles that make it up yet? Doesn’t the failure of all these experiments attempting to directly detect dark matter point to a failure of the dark matter hypothesis.

Not at all, and if you think that, you’d better learn the difference between model-dependent and model-independent tests. Here’s where you’ll want to start.