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10 Surprising Places In Space With The Right Raw Ingredients For Life

“Shortly after Earth first formed first formed, life quickly took hold, thriving ever since. Perhaps terrestrial life didn’t originate here, but arrived from elsewhere through natural processes. Surprisingly, the raw ingredients necessary for life exist almost everywhere astronomers look. Here are 10 locations where they’re ubiquitous.”

It’s not surprising to find that the ingredients for life are found in locations all over planet Earth. But what might be surprising is the sheer number and variety of places in the Universe, far beyond our planet, where the necessary raw ingredients are also found. I don’t just mean atoms, but complex organic molecules like ethyl formate, cyanopolyynes, fullerenes, amino acids, and even proteins. You can find them in meteorites, on Pluto, Mars, around newly forming stars, in reflection nebulae, in dark gas clouds in the galaxy, and even in the galactic center, among many other locations.

Here are 10 surprising places in space that all have the right raw ingredients for life. Perhaps, if the ingredients are all over, life in the Milky Way is, too.