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If the size of raindrops are uniformly small *(~0.5mm);  nature treats you with these exotic green, pink and purple fringes inside the bright primary rainbow, known as Supernumerary rainbows.


We were able to observe these rainbows yesterday but it lasted only
for a couple of minutes. The above images have been corrected for
saturation in order to make the fringes predominant.

What makes these supernumerary rainbows really interesting is that you can’t use geometric optics to explain their formation and are forced to acknowledge the wave nature of light.

To know about the physics behind Supernumerary Rainbows, click here and explore. It’s truly amazing!

* When raindrops have different sizes, the differently spaced fringes overlap to a blur.



I finally got around to learning about shaders and glsl. These animations now run in r e a l – t i m e. Thank you, GPU.

Particles in a field.

Slighlty higher quality at ello.