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Vibrational modes of a rigid surface, from “Entdeckungen über die Theorie des Klanges” by Ernst Florens Friedrich Chladni


if you die in academia you die in real life


Decided to make an insta account where to post some poetry. I had this idea of trying to write down poems about nature from a physics perspective for some time; I’m sure it has been done before, but it is anyhow a way for me to put into words my fascination with the unknown parts of the universe. If you’re interested go follow

@quarkpoet on ig

Do not create a deity;

a godless sky will not forgive you

the thought-corruptive blasphemy

and blindness of staring into the endless

beginning of contradiction and measuring it

with human clock.

Deep roots of the unknown

tangle and weave stars and planets

in the spacetime fabric that

stares right back at you from the

immeasurable distance of

the first soundless explosion.

Do not create a deity:

the Thing itself knows you are there

(a miracle, you are there)

where no god would care to see you.

A part of all,

the same sacred grain-sized

pointless point shattered

and scattered in the multitude that looks back

at itself

within itself.


The flow around a sharp edge. Vorticity. 1961. Educational Service. 

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The bottom line of every thermodynamics conference.

The bottom line of every thermodynamics conference.

“Science and communism are inseparable”. Old Soviet poster.