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4 Cosmic Records That The James Webb Space Telescope Should Shatter

“With seven times Hubble’s light-gathering power, better resolution, and extended infrared capabilities, numerous cosmic records will fall. Although it will almost certainly make unforeseen discoveries, Webb is poised to shatter four separate cosmic records.

1.) Most distant galaxy. Presently, the Hubble Space Telescope holds the record, discovering GN-z11 from just 407 million years after the Big Bang. Webb’s infrared eyes will see through the cosmic dust that obscures Hubble’s vision, revealing galaxies as little as 200-275 million years old.”

We’ve come so far in our exploration and understanding of the Universe, and yet the next generation of telescopes that are going to be completed and are set to begin operating in the 2020s will truly be a revolution. Next year, the James Webb Space Telescope will launch and begin data-taking for its first science missions, and numerous cosmic records should fall almost immediately. These include the most distant galaxy, measuring the components of the atmospheres of the smallest exoplanets, finding the earliest stellar populations ever, and taking direct images of the smallest exoplanets ever seen.

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